Kids playing in the room

Improve your quality of life with Sensory Integration therapy

If your child has difficulty relating to and engaging in the world, sensory integration can help.


Kids playing in the room

Sensory Integration – Essential to learning and engagement

When you struggle with sensory integration, life can be a challenge. Sensory integration is a theoretical and practice framework related to processing, interpreting, and understanding sensory information from the environment. The five senses are the most commonly understood, but it is the tactile, vestibular, and proprioceptive systems that lay the foundation for sensory integration.

  • Tactile: sense of touch – fine touch, deep touch, pressure, pain, temperature
  • Vestibular: sense of movement and relationship to gravity
  • Proprioceptive: body awareness, position and movement in space, pressure/force

There are two types of sensory integration and both are essential to learning from the environment, exploring the environment, self-regulation, energy level maintenance, and participation in age-level activities (social, school, self-care).

  • Sensory modulation: Ability to assess importance of information and respond in proportion to the input; ability to filter sensory information; children and adults can be under- or over-responsive to sensory input in general or to specific types of input
  • Sensory discrimination: Ability to determine “what” with regard to the specifics of the incoming input (what am I touching?, where is my body in space?, accurate interpretation of visual input); most often relates to vestibular, tactile, or proprioceptive functions – visual input as well.

The therapists at Primary Therapy Source have specialized training in assessing and addressing sensory integration challenges. They are committed to helping your family and child through an individualized treatment approach. Sensory integration treatment can help with your child’s play skills, self-regulation, social skills, attention/focus, adaptive response, and school participation.

Please contact our office if you have concerns about your child’s sensory integration skills.


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