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Let us welcome you into our caring family

When you trust yourself or your child into the hands of a therapist you want to feel confident that therapist is knowledgeable and passionate – let us welcome you and give you confidence every step of your therapy.

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Trust our dedication and compassion

Primary Therapy source is Idaho's number one choice for physical, speech, occupational therapy and rehabilitation. We offer you evidence based treatment for adults and children. When you choose us you'll get access to a wide range of experienced and licensed physical therapists, occupational therapists,  speech pathologists and support staff. Additionally we consult and contract with schools, employers and agencies to provide a variety of therapy services and educational programs.

With us you are not just trusting education and training. Though we are proud of our qualifications and expertise, it is our experience, compassion and dedication to what we do that you can trust when beginning your therapy.

You can feel confident in our staff from the moment you contact us. We are here to help you determine the types of therapy that are best to help you or your child overcome your challenges and enjoy a richer, fuller life.

Every step of the way you are treated with respect, dignity and care that is enhanced by our supportive, interactive group approach to therapy. Rather than only being treated by one person you have the opportunity to be encouraged by our entire team.

Look to us for the therapy professionals you need to heal and advance

Our cooperative group approach to therapy involves open communication and interaction between members of the team so we can all be a part of your therapy. You will not find only one type of therapist here, but several specialists who combine forces in your therapy.

You are invited to come and meet our staff, including:

  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Speech pathologists
  • Support staff who help us to be our best

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